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Choosing colors in house decoration is very important, it not only affects the overall house but also strongly affects the mood of the people.

There are many owners make the mistake of choosing or coloring water paint for the house such as:

First mistake: White more than white color

Using white for the whole house will be extremely boring, which is why you should add some colors to create a more eye-catching look. The greatest advantage of white is that it easily combines with any color and wherever it appears it is so effective that you can not even imagine it.

Những sai lầm khi sơn nội thất nhà ở


Second mistake: The color area is unreasonable

With open house design, you should use color palette to separate each area. This means that in each area you need to use different colors, and it is suitable for those apartments that do not need walls to prevent division of the area. If you have decided to choose this method, you need to come up with a clear color separation solution that avoids any watercolor that does not follow the rules, so that it will mess up everything. More fart.

Những sai lầm khi sơn nội thất nhà ở

Third mistake: Pursue the trend

When someone pursues a diverse trend, it means that they want to break basic designs. As if living in a room without the presence of contrasting elements, they would think that they were living in a box, feeling very boring, confused.

Những sai lầm khi sơn nội thất nhà ở

 Mistake four: Light can change color

Natural light seemed like not too much change for your home, but it was enough to make the room change throughout the day, while artificial light was capable of changing colors when the sun go down. That explains why the overall color impression for the house at that time was also changed. If you have the idea of interior paint or dark exterior, you need to pay attention to the light by making the right decision.


Mistake 5: The floor color does not match the color of the home

This is also a mistake many people make, while the choice of colors, materials of the floor and the color of the room will make them more attractive, creating a harmonious whole. , Balance, between the living space and the ceiling also need to apply to the idea.


Mistake 6: Irrational color allocation

When you want to combine different colors in a home, do not mix them in balanced proportions, so choose one of the main colors and use the other colors to make the shade. The primary color space needs to account for 60% of the space.

nhung-sai-lam-khi-son-noi-that-nha-o-6Mistake 7: Incorrect color matching

Combining contrasting colors can have a disastrous effect, but sometimes it will also lead to the carpet. Therefore, the solution that helps your combination bring the feeling of relaxation, absolutely not cause boredom. First of all, it is important to pay attention to the color contrasts, which can be consulted through interior magazines, through expert advice or color testing before repainting.

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