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Design and construction of apartments in each apartment, townhouse will ensure the harmony and beautiful living space of the owner.

The need to beautify the house or business location in HCMC and the city is quite bustling as it is entering the last months of the year. Many owners, especially young families who have just completed the construction of townhouses or handed over apartments have rushed to search immediately for the design and construction of furniture, to get back home for New Year holidays.


Bookshelves and desks are beautifully designed in white, gray tones and a balcony view of the city.

Ms.Nhung’s Husband (living in District 2, HCMC) has moved to a two-bedroom apartment after a month to hire consultants, design and construction of interior finishing. In order to meet Nhung’s demand for a luxurious, deluxe and yet comfortable living space, DSGN Thien An Interior Design Company has developed a 3 bedroom design solution. Minimalist interior, white main tone, light gray. Wood floors and open spaces will help the rooms in the apartment to soak up the light of the sky, ensuring the health of the whole family.

In addition, with the kitchen, experts have sophisticated design, eye-catching decorative lighting design, modern kitchen cabinets bring warmth and gathering. The interior of this area uses many brown tones combined with golden light to match the bedroom furniture and living space. Especially, Nhung’s family likes to have large bookshelves in the living room with white, gray tones and a balcony view overlooking the city.

According to Nguyen Ngoc Nguyen, Director of DSGN Thien An Design Company, urban apartment and apartment buildings are often small and built in the same pattern, the interior is also stereotyped. This will make many houses, apartments have the same characteristics, lack of uniqueness and personal bold.

Buying pre-owned, non-specialized furniture will make it easy for the home to become a ‘storage place’ that is unreasonable, messy and confusing. The package is intended to ensure the harmony and beauty of living space, “Thanh added.

Meeting the increasing requirements of homeowners, according to Mr. Nguyen, interior design companies must ensure one of three important criteria:

Spend time listening to customer feedback:

Thorough listening to the ideas of customers to provide solutions to express the full desire, individual characteristics of each owner.

Professional and creative space:

Each house, apartment, corporate office, coffee shop, shop … have different sizes, shapes and terrains. The task of a good design unit is to overcome all the disadvantages, space difficulties, division of functional science departments; Arrange the interior uniform, harmonious to ensure the power. This will create comfort in everyday life, but still attract in every detail and create emphasis in each space.

Reasonable cost, thoughtful after-sales:

Price is always an issue that must be taken into consideration by top home owners and design firms. Mr. Nguyen said that in order to be trusted by the customers, from the beginning, the company has come up with the most cost effective design options; Take initiative in producing and executing wooden furniture packages, not through intermediaries to reduce costs.

Interior design companies should communicate clearly, fully quoted and specific individual. In addition, when the works are completed and put into use, if any technical or aesthetic issues arise, the implementing unit needs to quickly review, maintain and support customers enthusiastically and thoroughly. Mind to customers really enjoy the most enjoyable and convenient living space.

Urban houses and apartments are often small but through the hands of the interior design experts have become living space ideal and utility.